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sIMPLEk Bosch Tuning Module and Crank Puller

sIMPLEk Bosch Tuning Module and Crank Puller

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sIMPLEk Bosch Ebike tuning

sIMPLEk is compatible with BOSCH drive motors Classic Line since 2011, all Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX, optionally with HMI, Intuvia, Nyon or Purion operator controlmodule and all Yamaha mid-engines since 2014.

Speed limits of 25 km/h or 45 km/h are completely canceled.

The actual speed remains readable, maximum speed, mileage and total kilometers are displayed correctly.

The actual speed is represented by the second digit and the decimal point of the display. The maximum speed and displayed kilometers are only adjusted after approx. one minute of standstill. For further information, have a look at the operating instructions.

Simple installation. Only one plug has to be pulled and the sIMPLEk has to be switched between it.

It's invisible from the outside. In standard configuration the e-bike starts always with a deactivated tuning unless intervention.

Ebike tuning Made in Germany


sIMPLEk Ebike tuning mounting -english-

Fits US BOSCH engine!


sIMPLEk - Easy going - EBike tuning

sIMPLEk - It's that easy!


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