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ASA Speed B25.14

ASA Speed B25.14

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Product no.: ASA B.25.AP

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Tuning module for all 25km/h Bosch Active- Performance line

The ASA SPEED 25.13 device disable the speed limit of the motor support of your Bosch eBike without affecting the performance of your HMI. Using this device allows you to reach any speed you want. You are not limited to 25km/h anymore ! Contray to other products no ERROR 102 in a 2:1 ratio!

Independent to wether the device is on or off, the HMI always shows the actual speed. Your Ebike works after installation continue as you were used to it so far, only there is no off the engine support from 25 km / h (ASA SPEED B25) more. Please note: The use on public roads is prohibited. The device may only be used on private property.

Product features:

  • Microprocessor controlled microelectronics
  • Easy installation and it can be removed without a trace
  • The device derestricts the speed limit of 25 km/h in all modes
  • HMI full functional, in particular the speedometer with additional functions.
  • Auto-calibration for different wheel sizes and software versions
  • Lightsystem fully functional
  • Operated via HMI controls
  • No additional switches, cables, dongles, extensions etc. necessary or visible
  • Robust constuction
  • Functional control during installation via status LEDs possible
  • User-specific functions programmable

Note: Installation for Classic, Active- Performance Line and CX-Line requires special tool Super B crank puller.

  • Delivery:
  • ASA SPEED tuning module incl. installation material
  • 1x piece detailed installation instructions for download

Information about model year 2017

In model year 2017, the WALK function operates in two-stage. You must first press the WALK key and then the + key. Pressing the + key will also allow programming in this case. Please replace in the programming procedure " Press the Walk button" by "Press the Walk button and than press the + button".

Mounting ASA Speed tuning

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Author:  am 14/06/2019     Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!

ik ben zeer tevreden van mijn aankoop bij jullie. Alleen spijtig dat de levering niet zo vlug is. Als men moet wachten duurt alles dan toch lang.
Ik merk ook op dat de aansluiting van dit product mijn fietscomputer van het merk Bosch ontregeld. Hebben jullie daar een uitleg voor????.
Met vriendelijke groet
Walter Vermeersch