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BPX-Key V2 Classic 2011-13

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Product no.: BPX11-13-V2

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BPX-Key V2 Classic/Classic Line

This tuning circuit for all Bosch pedelec drive units from 2011 to 2013 (and 2014 Classic +) is activated by light button on the control panel (HMI or Intuvia)!

  • BPX-Key V2 Classic Line
    BOSCH Classic Line
  • BPX-Key V2 Classic Line
    BOSCH Classic Line turned
  • included:
  • BPX-Key V2
  • strong Magnet
  • Stainless steel bracket under splash protection

Once the light on the control panel is turned on, only half the speed is displayed. If you drive e.g. 40km/h, the speedometer only shows 20km/h and the drive unit is assisting up to the real speed of 50km/h.
Is the light switched off (normal state when the battery is turned on), it shows the correct speed and the drive unit assists as usual up to 25 km/h.
The light feature is already enabled on some bikes, but usually it must be activated by your local dealer using the diagnostic equipment.

As it is completely installed under the engine cover, the modification is not visible. It is independent of the wheel size and the bike model.

It is not required to cut any cable since this circuit is simply inserted between the original connection with original Bosch connectors. Thus, it is also removable without leaving any trace and there are no sockets or connectors that are susceptible to moisture and corrosion!

The BPX-Key comes with a small tool to easily remove the engine cover. The installation is pretty easy, there is an illustrated step-by-step installation guide (see link below; German language, but many pictures explaining everything).
The best in it: You can remove the BPX-Key again without a trace!

A crank puller for Bosch cranks is required. You find at the store: Super B Crank puller!

  • Mounting BPX-Key V2 Classic Line

    Bosch Tuning ChefvomRadweg
  • Special mounting BPX-Key V2

    Bosch Tuning ChefvomRadweg

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  • Installation Instructions Jan. 2014

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