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badassBox Shimano Typ 4.0 Freeze

badassBox Shimano Typ 4.0 Freeze

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Product no.: BA-SH-DI2-033

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badassBox Typ 4.0 Shimano Freeze

This chiptuning box can be quickly installed on the Shimano eBike and upgrades the system’s speed limit to over 50 km/h. Use on public roads is not allowed, that’s why the chiptuning box can also be removed quickly. In size it is similar to a matchbox and can be easily stowed away. After removal, the eBike is back in its original condition.

The badassBox Type 4 Shimano Freeze is compatible with all Shimano mid-mounted motors with a Di2 shifting system. For an e-bike without Di2 you need the badassBox Shimano!

The badassBox Shimano uses the proven housing of the type 3.3 generation. All internal parts and the making are identical and as rugged and waterproof as all the type of badassBoxes.

The badassebikes Chiptuning Box Typ 4 is installed on the original Shimano speed sensor of the eBike. It is simply plugged in and secured with a rubber ring. The eBike is ready to use once the magnet has been repositioned on the bicycle spoke.

This allows the badassebikes Chiptuning Box Typ 4 to halve the transmitted speed once approx. 18 km/h (depending on wheel circumference) has been reached. Steady support is provided to over 50 km/h.

The badassebikes Chiptuning Box Typ 4 is powered by one battery (CR2), which provides an operational distance of approx. 5000 km thanks to the use of low-power technology. The microprocessor switches on and off automatically.

Upon reaching a public road network, simply open the rubber ring clip and remove the chiptuning box. It can be quickly and easily stowed away thanks to its small size: 56 mm x 47 mm x 23 mm, 71 grams. After repositioning the magnet in its original position (loosen screw, reposition, tighten screw), the eBike is ready to use and in its original condition.

Scope of delivery badassBox Shimano–version 4

  • battery
  • cover
  • O-ring
  • Toolfree 5mm


  • Release the badassBox O-ring
  • Remove the badassBox
  • Relocate magnet to the original position

Technical data:

  • Length: 52mm
  • Height: 42mm
  • Width: 21mm
  • Weight: 32g incl. battery

After installation of the badassBox the magnet must be offset. The video shows this easy operation. ATTENTION: First time use, please exchange the Phillips screw of the magnet against the badassBox provided toolfree screw. Then the displacement of the magnet is possible without requiring any tools.

Magnet position Bosch Typ3.3 2015-07 EN

eBike tuning that simply works.