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ASA SPEED Yamaha 25.01 B7

ASA SPEED Yamaha 25.01 B7

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Product no.: ASA.Y.25.TM

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Digital Tuning module for all YAMAHA eBikes build with Yamaha Display.

// Not suitable for the PW-X motor //

The ASA SPEED Y25 electronics removes the speed limit of the Yamaha eBike without concessions to the functionality of your HMI. It is independent of whether the tuning is active or deactivated , the HMI shows always the driven speed. The motor assistence is not longer limited to 25 km/h and any speed is possible with motor assistence. The Bosch Ebike works after installation in the same way as before, only that engine assistence limit from 25 km / h is removed. Please note, therefore, that use of the public roads is prohibited and the electronics may only be used for sporting purposes.

The product features are:

  • Microprocessor-based microelectronics
  • Installation without damage to the cable and thus the possibility of a simple return to the original status
  • Removement of the 25 km/h limit in modes Sport and Turbo (other modes are possible by user-specific setting)
  • Full functionality of the HMI, in particular the tachometer and the auxiliary functions
  • Self-calibration for different wheel sizes
  • The light functions continues to be available for the primary purpose
  • The operation of the electronic system is the controls by the usage of the HMI
  • No additional switches , cables, dongles , etc. are necessary or visible
  • Robust, water resistent design of the tuning module
  • Status LEDs for functional control during installation

Installation for Yamaha speed Modul requires special tool Super B crank puller.

  • Scope of Delivery:
  • 1x ASA SPEED Y25.01 B3 tuning module

Installation ASA Speed Yamaha Tuning

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