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Reviews for: badassBox Yamaha Typ 3.4

Date: 03/05/2018
Author: Ronald H.
Reviews for: badassBox Yamaha Typ 3.4


This thing works perfect.
I received the unit in 2 weeks to the central USA. $154 USD, I used PayPal.
Installation was very easy, no adapter needed on my Haibike. The first time, it took 2 minutes on my Haibike/Yamaha PW-X. Now, installation is 20 seconds.
While looking for a speed tuner, my first thought was I wanted the speedometer to display the correct MPH. Badass Box displays only half of the real MPH above 8 MPH. However, after using the Badass Box, needing to double the displayed value in my head is no problem.
I own two other Haibikes. One Yamaha PW with Bikespeed, the other Yamaha PW with a Speedbox2. In my opinion, Badass Box is easily my preferred way of unlocking the speed of any Ebike. In addition, the same Badass Box 3.4YA works on both the Yamaha PW or PW-X, Important if you update you bike someday.
With moderately hard pedaling, I average 23-25 MPH on the level for long stretches. In a short sprint, I can almost do 30 MPH. I still get about 20 miles @ 23 MPH out of a 500 watt battery.

Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

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